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... Rustic surrounding, spreading treetops, blooming fields and meadows are the most frequent elements of his paintings. A reflective mood, likewise in Bulgarian landscapes, deepli determines their architekture. It is primarily a consequence of choosing a theme, a time of day (and consequently the lighting in which one sees painted objects), as well as the language of painting. An artist again displays world seen when the afternoon sun downs westwards; the world that still amazes us with the beauty of colours, yet it seems to go to the borgerline of day and night. As most of pastelists, Dimczewski outlines only some chunks (e.g.of buildings), whereas he avoids painting precise modelling details, he blurs shapes of objects and abandons particularities. It makes forms more compact, synoptic, and the overall idea becomes the most important, not a detailed study or illustration. Therefore, the artist seems to paint such "an idea of landscape". One may say that it is, Nomen Omen, at the same time searching for an ideal landscape; silent, peaceful, friendly to a man yet perfectly taking care of itself without his obtrusive presence. ...

... The artist determined a bit different place for a man in his art. He paints portraits, mainly ladies' portraits. It would be hard to call them psychological. It seems that the author is fascinated with a certain type or an ideal of woman's beauty, therefore a choice of models depends on fulfilling stated conditions. Dimczewski usually depicts young women, which have regular facial features, smooth and sleek cheeks and long hair - wavy, bushy and wriggling. What is more, he likes to beautify women, for instance wearing them blooming meadow flowers' chains. That is why his models sometimes look rather like fairy mermaids than true-born real beings. Their images are in themselves variations about women's beauty, supported with skifully harmonised colours. ...

Małgorzata Kitowska- Łysiak
Faculty of History of Modern Art at
Catholic University of Lublin

... Todor Dimczewski creates also another type of landscape. It is almost an abstrakt synthesis consisting of an effektive colourful of warm and cold tones, light and lack of perspective. I remember my initial impression when I looked at his paintings; they were dominated by analysis of cohesion and multiplicity. Nature and culture were only a staring point for summarily treated surface of paintings, stigmatised with coloured nuances of the theme. The whites of winter, the yellows of summer, the browns of fall and configuration of terrain were combined into one impressive accordd. ...

Lucjan Hanak

   Emotional, lirical and subtle pastel painting of Todor Dimczewski captivates the viewer form the first sight. His compositions closed in small formats enchant us from scratch. Grey and dull reality is forsed to go away, while a melody of colours brings us to infinity where our soul and senses are purified. A landscape, a still art and portraits are the themes that once suck us in, will never let us go. Pieces of beauty, created intuitively, lightly, with inspiration, combine light with honesty, and colours with conviviality. They are a message from an artist of a great heart. (IX-1997)

Doc. Dr. Georgi Kostow
Faculty of Arts at University of
Ciril and Metody in Wielkie Tyrnowe

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